Root Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with Ping Pong Root Download.

Samsung Galaxy smart Phones and tablets have become the most attractive devices among the other android devices. that’s why Samsung able to capture a high market segment of the android community. Well among the Galaxy devices Galaxy S6 and S6 edge devices come with high standard security features like KNOX counter, which has kept a record how often you install a custom ROM or make a modification to the Stock firmware. For this reason, it has got difficult to root these devices. That’s why the Ping Pong Root download, rooting utility enter into the field to solve the problem.

Ping Pong Root download for S6 and S6 Edge

Yes, when you get the root access with another root package and you may fail to avoid KNOX counter then it will course to void the KNOX warranty. But if you use Ping Pong root tool you may no need to suffer from the problem. And this is one of the best and fastest tools for you to have the root access for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. And this is a one touch root utility and you can use it directly with your device to gain the root access.

Compatible Devices to Download Ping Pong Root.

As I noted above Ping Pong Root utility is specially developed to allow the root access for all Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge ROM versions up to now. Occasionally there will be the chance to add the upcoming versions by the developer.

Changes Log.

When we focusing on the PingPong root, rooting utility it is currently available as download Ping Pong root 6 beta update. Of course, there will be more previous beta versions. But now when we focus about the existing latest beta is around 3.99MB in size. And here is the Change Log for you.

  • Solved no new ROM supported error
  • More stable than previous beta version
  • Supports 93 ROM versions

How to Download Ping Pong Root and Use/Step Guide.

Well, now you may wish to know, how you can have the root access for your beloved Galaxy device with Ping Pong root apk download. Really, there wasn’t any complex way for you to gain the root access. It has very simple steps to follow. But before that, you need to prepare your device for the root process. Therefore, at the beginning, it is better to have a full backup of your handset. And maintain sufficient battery level with the device so, it is better to maintain more than 80% of battery with the device. And you want to enable the “Unknown sources” of the device. Well, now we can begin the root process. But before that, if you installed the Kinguser, then you need to remove it.

  • Well, now download the latest version of Ping Pong root Application.
  • Now run the Utility on the handset.
  • PingPong will automatically install SuperSU 2.46 on your handset. Now you can follow the steps on the screen.
  • Now to activate the SuperSu run it once, It will prompt an error message if you haven’t rooted the device yet and it will automatically close and head to Ping Pong again.
  • Now you can click on the “Download data” to update device data if you are with internet connection.
  • Now tap on the “Get root” button and allow the permissions.
  • after complete the process, you need to make sure to reboot your device.
  • after the reboot, you can uninstall the Ping Pong root utility.
  • That’s all now you have successfully gained the root access for your device. And you want to follow the process at your own risk.

Troubleshoot Ping Pong Root Download.

While using the Ping Pong root have you face any matters related to the rooting process. Well, then here are some common Ping Pong related and troubleshoot for them.

  1. If you get unresponsive in between the process you want to rest the device for few minutes and then start the device from begin.
  2. Some of the Ping Pong root download users claim that the app will keep rebooting when they try to use it. Have you suffered from it too? Well, then you can follow the below facts to overcome it.
  • You need to clear out the all running applications in your background before use the root utility.
  • When you download the data you need to turn on the flight mode and then follow the steps.
  • If the utility warn you to wait then don’t run any action with the device, just wait and see.
  • Have you solved the problem? If not you can perform a factory reset, and before that, you need to have a backup of the device and then follow the process again.

Ping Pong Root Download Video Guide.


Pros and Cons.

Of course, as I mentioned above the Ping Pong root tool is a fantastic root tool. So, you can gain more advantages with the tool. But actually, there may be some downsides with the device too. Therefore here I have listed the advantages and disadvantages we can see with the Ping Pong root tool.

Advantages of root with Ping Pong Root.

  • Actually, the most highlighted advantage is you can gain the root access without void the KNOX warranty of the device
  • allow access to use the applications which required the root permission to proceed
  • Block adds
  • Overclocking and underclocking the CPU
  • Remove Bloatware
  • Then it will allow you for Superuser permission

Disadvantage of Ping Pong Root.

  • Disable OTA updates
  • Disable Samsung Pay
  • It has a possibility to brick your device
  • If anything goes wrong cause to damage the hardware
  • TouchWiz isn’t the same as years past
  • Void your device warranty

Developer Credits.

When we discuss about download Ping Pong Root utility, we need to mention about the developer of this fantastic root utility. Actually, it has developed by the Keen team and also, we need to thanks for the XDA developers for distributing the tool.